Thursday, March 12, 2009

Never ending

It is 7:50 PM. It is March 12th.

It is snowing outside. The cars are mostly covered.

Sigh. It is the never ending winter.

Good thing I like Winter !


Gill said...

I WANT SOME SNOW!! (ok ok i would please like some more snow, if it's not too much bother!) Yes i am jealous!

Retro Girl said...

For is NOT snowing here!
Believe it or not! lol.
Sorry my friend!

It's supposed to start getting warm tomorrow here - 48...and be in the high 50's all next week. (I'm sure after that, we'll get one more big snow, just we always do!)

blairspage said...

Didn't realize you got snow this week. Hope all is well. We are in Indy for a couple of weeks, but have been at the Children's hospital with Blair since Thursday! Hopefully we get to come home tomorrow. She's got some respiratory funk that is causing her oxygen to dip in the 80's. So, she's not coming home until they get her off of that!