Sunday, March 01, 2009

bitter sweet

Today is a bitter sweet day. "S" moved into her own place yesterday. After living back with us for many months, she and Cloe have moved out. I admit that it is very difficult for two families to continuously peacefully exist in one household. There were moments of contention. We were not accustomed to the intrusions that having a 20 month old baby brings. "S" was not used to having to live within the parameters of her living here. She had limited freedoms to do as she pleased. So, yes, it was difficult.

That is not to say there were not advantages. "S" was a great help around here, especially after TJ surgery. Her help was invaluable. She cleaned, she did laundry, sometimes she even cooked supper when TJ just was not able to stand long enough to do it. We both appreciate her for all of that.

Then, there was the Cloe. It will be good to have my house back. It will be good to have peace and quiet. However, I will miss hearing Cloe 'escape' her moms eyes and sneaking her way upstairs. She would run into the sitting room with her arms extended, saying "Mommie, Mommie." Which was her way of seeking asylum from the Mommie that was on her way up the stair to recapture her. She would come up with her mom when she was allowed and she would purse those little lips and put the finger up and "shhhhh" so that she wouldn't wake up Mamaw (just in case she was sleeping.) I will miss the good night kisses. I will miss the fresh baby smell as she always visited right after her 'bafffff'. I will miss her running excitedly to my office chair anytime I was not in it, climbing into it, and looking for someone to 'weeeeee' her. She would spin around, saying "weeee", until she was glaze eyed and dizzy.

"S" and Cloe need their own space. They need their own place. "S" needs a place to be "S". Cloe needs a place to be Cloe.

So, last night was their first night at their new place. Cloe had her own 'wooom'.

Yes, it was sweet. It was a slightly bitter sweet.


Heather of the EO said...

That IS bitter sweet. I'm sure you'll miss them. Quite an adjustment back and forth.


Sarah said...

She seems like a sweet girl.

Praying for you in the transition...

Willow Tree said...

If my Dad blogged he might say the same thing about us in June. :o) This one touched me, because I know Just how y'all feel. Sure miss you and TJ out here in the blogosphere; I don't get much time for this part of me anymore. It will come though. Enjoy the quiet, even if it gets a little deafening around baffff time.

Blessings, Carolynn

Octamom said...

Hope that you area all getting adjusted--so glad that you did have this season to enjoy them 'underfoot', as it were--