Wednesday, June 28, 2006

House news

There is major movement on the house news.

Sunday, we made an offer somewhat lower than the asking price and slightly lower than what we were willing to pay.

Tuesday, the counter offer came in. They agreed to all the terms (this stays, we do this, y'all do that.) The money counter was the exact price we had in mind to pay. We accepted and now have a contract on the house. It has to appraise for the agreed on price (which it should very easily.) It has to pass the home inspection and the termite inspection.

My mortgage broker is faxing the pre approval letter to the realtor. From there we get the appraisal. Then the inspections. The closing is set for July 28th. We hope to push that to the week earlier. It will give us time to get settled before I have to be back at school on August 1.

Dancing the happy feet dance.

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Retro Girl said...

Good luck!! I know it will go smoothly and quickly from here...I'm so happy for you guys!!

I will be waiting on a map showing the way from next time we get down there, we can come check it out!!


Hope all else is going better...