Friday, September 09, 2005

The short week closes

It is the end of the week. It is a week that started late and still lasted a long time.

I forgot my DR appt on Tuesday. It was rescheduled for yesterday afternoon. I had to leave work a bit early, stop and pick up Tammy (the good part), go to the DR, and then rush back to work for an open house event where parents could visit the classroom. The DR visit was a trip. It was just for blood work. It was my 3 to 6 month blood work to check my thyroid. This time, the lady that was going to take my blood had difficulties. She poked my left arm and poked and prodded around looking for the vein that escaped her. She dug around for a little while and gave up. She then poked the other arm and dug around in it for a bit before she got exasperated and gave up. When she withdrew the needle, my arm didn't even bleed. It really wasn't her fault. I told her that I must not be in the mood to bleed today.

She said, two pokes and she was done. She called for Mike, the guy that usually does my blood work. He went to the left arm, one poke, and filled the vial. Then it was back to work.

I had two students stop by, one with her sister and one with his mom. There were already three people in my classroom, as the plumbing class meets there on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We finally made it home a little after seven. I was supposed to finish writing a test last night, but I procrastinated until this morning. Several of my students are diligently working on that test right now. It is worth 40 points. Most of my morning students ended up with 34 or above. That's 85% or better for 90% of the class. If most of the students do badly, I figure I didn't teach it well enough, and I grade on the curve. Then we redo the high points of the lessons and retake the test. The highest grade of the two stands.

We will see what the rest of the day and evening brings.

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