Friday, September 02, 2005

A light in the middle of turmoil

Kyle is 9 years old and a 4th grader in Lexington, KY. He is not your typical kid. He is quite intelligent for his age. He still is 9 yrs old though.

He will lie to you to stay out of trouble.
Case in point: He was taking a shower. I was outside the door in the living room, working online. I smelled something distinct.
I asked him, "Kyle, what are you using?"
"Loreal," he replied.
"What are you using to wash your body, Kyle?"
"I haven't started washing my body yet," he answered.
"Kyle, I smell Axe (Chris's bottled body wash soap).
"Well, it is open."
"It doesn't make that smell just being open."
"Well, I did use a little of it."

He will sneak to get away with something he shouldn't.

He will conveniently forget his bedtime.

Last night we were talking about the victims of Katrina.

Now, Kyle gets a check from his dad's social security disability. It is $51 a month. Within certain bounds, he is allowed to use that money for whatever he wishes. He uses it for little toys and Yu-Gi-Oh cards. He shops on eBay.

Last night, Kyle told me, as we were talking about helping in the relief efforts, that he would donated half of his monthly check. He is giving $25 to help people he doesn't know.

I know that $25 isn't a great deal of money. However, to a 9 year old, it is a fortune. This $25 is half of his months spending cash. This is half of his eBay money, half of his toy money, half of his card money, and half of his occasionally allowed treat money.

There is a light in the midst of this darkness.
If no one else recognizes his sacrifice, I do.

Way to go, Kyle !!

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