Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Give me a fracking break

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A Texas woman has sued ABC's popular reality show "Extreme Makeover" for more than $1 million claiming among other things that an abrupt cancellation of her appearance on the program led to her sister's death.
Deleese Williams of Conroe, Texas, claims she came to Los Angeles to be a contestant on the show after undergoing a series of medical exams to determine if her crooked teeth and droopy eyes could be fixed and her small breasts enhanced, according the suit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.
The suit starts with the blunt description: "Deleese Williams is considered ugly" and says one doctor promised her "a Hollywood smile like
Cindy Crawford."
To prepare for the show, the producers sent a crew to Texas in January 2004 to interview Williams and her family.
The suit claims the "Extreme Makeover" crew manipulated Williams' sister, Kellie, into making cruel statements about Williams' looks.
The night before Williams was to begin her makeover, the show's producers told her it would take too long for work on her jaw to heal. They canceled her appearance and sent Williams home where Kellie, distraught over what she had said about her sister, eventually killed herself, according to the suit.

Give me a break !

When we will stop blaming everyone else for all our ails and ills. Not everything that happens in life is someone else's fault. Crap happens. Get over it.

I hate to be insensitive, but this is just to ignorant for words.

Some folks just need to get over themselves. Even if the actions of the network did, in any way, give this poor unfortunate girl the extra push to commit suicide, are they still legally responsible? How about everyone in her life that caused her pain, or made her feel unloved, or made her feel less than they were, are they liable as well?

And, I am sure that at some part in the girls life, her sister added to her pain, as siblings do from time to time. Also, why is the sister suing? What was her financial loss? Where do we get the idea that if you hit me, you should pay me money?

I know, that large companies, in an effort to increase their bottom line, do things which might cause harm to individuals. They should be held accountable, and the only way they recognize their wrong is to debit their bottom line. However, you must verify the intent and the callous disregard for the safety of individuals. Who could have figured, in any conceivable manner, that the sister would be 'so distraught' that she would commit suicide?

Puh-lease !

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