Friday, September 30, 2005


Tammy was struggling with what to get me for my birthday. It is just four days away. She asked me a night or two ago what I really wanted for my birthday. I told her that I had everything I wanted or needed. I asked her how she could give me more, on one day, of what she has given me since we met.

It is really hard to put into words. When we are together or apart, I still feel her. When we are together and doing other things besides cuddling, she is always near, and never farther than the call of her name. The days seem lighter because I know, no matter what happens, she is waiting at or near the end of my day. No matter the worries, or stress, I know I can lie my day down and she will carry me.

She doesn't know how many times I have taken her up on her wedding vows. She promised that she would always have a place where I could lay my head or my heart. That was nearly two years ago, and I have lost count of how many times she has been my rock.

What I want for my birthday is more of the yesterdays. I want fifteen thousand plus tomorrows. I want more of her tender touches. I want more of her sweet kisses. I want more nights, waking up, and finding her next to me. I want more mornings, playing spider solitaire on the computer, and feeling her come up behind me and wrapping those soft arms around me.

My life is great. It isn't everything it could be, but it is moving in the right direction. Whatever changes come, I know Tammy will be with me. For what more could I ask?

Happy birthday to me, early.

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