Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Field trip !!

We have just returned from a field trip.

90 students

3 teachers, 1 principal, and 2 chaperones

approximately 80 miles

We went to the first Kentucky Construction Career Days Fair. There were over 50 construction employers represented. There were several educational groups represented. It was spread out over the Shelby County Fair Grounds. It was hosted by the Kentucky Construction Career Choice Council, the Associated Builders & Contractors of Kentuckiana, the Associated General Contractors of Kentucky, the Home builders Association of Kentucky & Home Builders Institute, the Kentucky Association of Highway Contractors, and the Kentucky Association of Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling Contractors.

The students had a blast. They were invited to do hands on work in most booths. They could explore several different construction occupations from more than just a book stand point.

I was on my feet for 3 hours, walking around this place. As glad as my back was to get back on the bus, by the time we got back to the School, my butt was happy to get out of that seat. My air conditioned room and comfortable desk chair has never felt so good. I remember all too well why I am not out there in the heat and on my feet all day.

The Executive Director of the Kentucky Electrical Contractors Association, Inc. spoke to me about teaching some classes for him, and affiliating my program. This (the affiliation) will give my students a leg up on the competition coming out of high school with the equivalent of one year post secondary credit in their apprenticeship program. I made several other contacts as well. We will see what rabbits we may pull from the hat before this is all over.
There's the bell. The school day (for students) is over. Twenty minutes and I am out of here. Gotta run. More work to do.

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