Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day

It has been a good day at the end of a good weekend.

We went next door to Frankie & Mary's for a cookout. Frankie is a friend of Tammy's from Jr. Hi. School. He moved in next door recently. The other part of the trinity is Pete, and he is moving in the apt upstairs from us. Frankie and Mary prepared and grilled out ribs. We brought some burgers and buns. It was great.

It seems that Mary and Frankie met on the internet. She moved here to Lexington from Kansas. They seem to get along great. As much as anyone can tell from an afternoon cookout. They had the friendly poking of each other with no underlying anger. It was good to be with them. I think they might be one of the few people that might be able to understand our relationship.

I have to prepare a test for my first year classes. It shouldn't be difficult for them. I am usually thorough in my lessons and examples. I allow for liberal questioning. There is no reason to fail the test. Every opportunity to pass is given. However, make no mistake about it, it is a test in every sense of the word. During any lesson or exercise, my students can ask anything. They can request help at any time. When the test hits the desk, asking is over.

Anyway, the weather has been great. The company has been great. It has been great to have an extra day with Tammy.

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