Thursday, September 22, 2005

The dull thud of shit ... Hitting a fan

One more push and it was over.

This afternoon, as I walked down from my classroom to eat lunch, I noticed the empty file cabinets by the stairs were all opened. I closed them as I passed. Then I noticed all the lockers without locks were opened. The drawers of my downstairs desk were all opened. The lab-volt equipment was all opened. Someone in my 3rd block class thought it might be funny to open everything openable and leave it for me to close.

Now it is my turn to be funny. I have prepared a ten page (front and back) test for that class. Tomorrow was to be a 'finish project, work in the weld shop, and free left over time' day. Suddenly it is a 'most horrendous test ever' day. They will all flunk the test. It is a grade killer as well. I will explain to them that I will shelve the test, and it will remain shelved, unless we have another incident of disrespect like the one today.
Yep, there it is ... the dull sound of shit hitting a fan.

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TammyJ said...

Honey.. Like I said.. they don't even know how hard it is to piss you off.. whew. glad i don't piss you off.. I already fail most of your classes tests.. I love you .. see ya about 1ish