Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The taxes will get ya ...

If you take a bribe, or embezzle money, accept illegal contributions, or otherwise make cash on illegal transactions, remember to pay your taxes.

It seems that a state Supreme Court Justice in Mississippi has been cleared of bribery charges, but now faces tax evasion charges. He had income he forget to report. How DO you list that on your 1040 ? I looked and there was no box for illegally obtained funds.

I remember one of my former union bosses. JP would sell you a union book for $4K to $7K. This meant, that for money, you could get a union card saying you were a journeyman wireman electrician without ever attending a class or working as an apprentice. A man or woman with no experience or training could walk in off the street and walk back out the door as an electrician (in name only).

Many members were aware and reported said actions of the international union. This did no good. Every book he sold meant more money in the international coffers. They were willing to turn their blind eye to this. Even today, they have programs which legitimize the process by eliminating the "fee" and requiring some experience, but a person can still get in without the benefit of the same training I was required to have. (but I digress)

Eventually, some member had the bright idea, instead of reporting him to IO, they would try the Feds. While they could find no legal grounds to stop his practice, what they did find was 'tax evasion'. It seems that the money he was making for these 'books' was going unreported. Quicker than you could say, "I am an agent of the IRS and I want all your money," he was in jail.
Old TV detective Barreta used to say, "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time." I think we need to revise that to , "Don't do the crime, unless you are planning on paying taxes on it, in which case the gov't says OKAY."

So, all you corrupt politicians out there (with nothing better to do then scan and read blogs), take heed. Pay taxes on your dirty deed. A tax dollar a day keeps the IRS man away !

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