Sunday, August 07, 2005

School is starting soon

I will have students on Tuesday.

Hard to imagine, but I am more nervous this year than I was last year. Last year, I didn't have time to be nervous. I put 9 months instruction into 4.5 months. There was only time for teaching and no time for much else.

This year, however, I have 9 months to do what I need to do. I, also, have the classes I have taken over the summer to increase the pressure, because I know more of what is expected. The increases the pressure, and the respect I have for every teacher that had to put up with me.

The last class, which I reported about in the middle of, was the New Teacher Institute training. I had to teach in front of professional teachers and my peers. The professors that were instructing us were now grading us. I got 153 points out of a possible 168. That gave me a 91%. Then, we had a test on the classes we had attended. On that, I got an 86%. That gave me an 88.5% for the class. I passed. The state requires us to pass with at least 70%.

I have to take classes to get my Associates Degree in Education. I have 10 years to do so. I am required to take at least 6 hours per year, but am not limited to that much. I have heard it both ways from other teachers. Some say that 6 is plenty, others say that more is the answer. I will see.

It will be fun to take my new found knowledge into the classroom and see if I can use it to help the kids to learn.

For now ... Supper is here.

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Kim said...

Good luck. You'll do great though!