Friday, August 12, 2005

First and last

Today is the last day of the school week, but the first full day the students will have. All this week their morning has been altered. They have been in AA (homeroom) getting all the things kids need these days to be ready for the rest of the school year. The schedule has been erratic, and it is difficult to teach when they are not on a schedule. Some classes I have had for just 30 minutes while others I have had for 90 minutes. Today, we will catch all the classes up to the same page. They will get their syllabi and know the expectations. Kids learn better when they know what you expect of them.

Today is the last day to turn in their information packs for extra credit. All my kids started off with an "A". They all have 100's. The information pact is a packet of necessary information and forms that must be signed by parents. They get 10 points extra to apply to any test or project if it is signed and back by today. Nearly half have already returned then.

Then, it is, paper work finished, time to learn.

We will begin with safety.

On to the great unknown !

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