Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A cereal to help you get 'up' in the mornings

A few weeks ago, I saw an ad on TV that went like this:

A guy with a mic and a box of cereal approached a couple outside their home. The man has slumped shoulders and is apparently getting ready to leave for work. The Mic guy asks him if he would like to try this cereal the will give him more ( and he does an upward circular motion with his hand and arm) 'umph' in the morning.

"More 'umph' in the morning," the man queries.

"Yes," says the mic guy.

This week, I see another ad for the same cereal. Same actors. This time they are inside the house. The mic guy is asking if the cereal has made a difference. The previously slumping man is all smiles and has his chest out. "Yes," he says. He claims he has more (arms and hand in the circular motion upward) 'umph' in the morning. They are both sitting there with their fists in the air. The wife is beside the hubby, grinning and shaking her emphatically yes.

OK. Now we have an aphrodisiatic breakfast cereal ?

It is obvious the intent with all the fist in the air phallic symbolism what the intended message has to be. Add to that the wife, grinning for ear to ear a freshly screwed grin, and the conclusion is obvious.

I am not one of those people that sees sex everywhere. I didn't see dirty words in the clouds of which ever one of the Disney cartoons that supposedly had it there. I think it was the Loin King.

I am not sexually repressed and therefore seeing sexual messages in everything. This is blatant.

It is not one of the fruity, chocolatey, sugary cereals that are advertised for kids. It is an adult, come back the breakfast bowl, cereal.

Just what we need .. A new boner cereal.

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