Sunday, August 14, 2005

Moms Birthday


We are lives colliding in the cosmos,
everyone in my life leaves their impact
some have just a glancing effect,
while others create lasting impressions

From childhood until today,
people have weaved their way
in and out of my life,
in a circular procession

Some live in the circle of love,
some in the circle of trust
Some never leave
the circle of the heart desired

Different areas and varying levels,
school, work, neighborhoods
common markets and regular gas stations,
an open life, willing to be inspired

Before I knew me,
She knew me
she has impacted my life
more than any other

Her love taught me what love is,
Her caring, the truth of compassion
She held justice and mercy in balance,
as is the way of every mother

There is no higher calling,
no harder job, no greater reward
no more complete satisfaction,
than the joys of a mother

For all the impressions and impacts in my life,
this is the greatest
Know this today, your day,
more than any other

With forever love
Your Son
August 14, 2005

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