Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Update

It was a busy weekend.

Saturday, we drove about 90 miles (with many stops for TJ's back) to meet some old friends (Steve and Angela/Red) that have moved to Chicago. They were in Cincinnati to visit Red's parents and introduce their newly adopted son, Isaac, to family. They came on down to Dry Ridge KY and met with us and several other friends at Cracker Barrel. It was wonderful to see them and a pleasure to meet Isaac. (I drew his portrait and posted it on my flickr.)

Then we drove through Georgetown and visited with Chasity (middle daughter) and the grandkids, Ian and Abby. It was a good visit, albeit short as we had to get back to Mt Sterling to meet a buyer.

Then it was back home to meet a potential buyer. He was interested in TJ's baby (her 95 5-speed Camaro.) He came prepared. He brought money and a trailer to take it home. He liked what he saw and heard and bought it. TJ watched it drive out of the driveway with a tear trying to escape. She loved that car. Her back problems prevented her from driving it with the shifting and all.

We rested about an hour and then it was off to Lexington to Mom's house for a suprise 50th birthday party for one of my sisters. (I have 4 of them.) It was grand. We brought out old slides of the family. There were pictures of all of us growing up. I did remind my brother and sisters that those were the years when we were not choosing our own clothes. we spent about 3.5 hours in Lexington. We left witha loaf of Amish Cinnamon bread that mom fixed and some left over cake.

TJ decided that she is going on a diet on Monday (today) so we stopped in Winchester for some greasy hamburgers. (Rally's) Then we finally made it home.

Sunday was church in Flemingsburg, KY. It is our home church. It is a 35 mile drive each way. Service was good. I sang a solo. (Blessed Assurance .. an oldie) We came home, where TJ laid down to rest. The weekend caught up with her. Around 4, I went out and got pizza and wings. Shortly after eating, I laid down and promptly feel asleep. It seems the weekend finally caught up with me as well. I slept for several hours.

It was a good weekend.

TJ's baby gone bye-bye

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Debbie said...

You guys sure had a busy weekend. I'm glad you found a buyer so easily.