Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Choice

It was a lifetime ago
A year ago
A month ago
A week ago
A day ago
And this morning

When I awoke
And I faced my day of choices to be made
I chose to be your love

I chose to wear my blue shirt
And my black slacks
And I chose to be your lover

I chose the striped tie over the paisley
And the leather belt over the cloth
And I chose to hold you close to my heart ..

I chose eggs instead of cereal
Sausage instead of ham
Juice instead of coffee
And I chose to hold your image in my mind

Today as yesterday
I chose to love you

You wonder if I will love you forever

I will love you today
Today is all of the future I can see
This moment
Loving you
Is all the future I can hold in my hand
Right now
In the midst of making choices
I am loving you

Ron Simpson, Jr.

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