Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Poetry on Demand effort

Every now and then someone will ask for a poem about something that means a lot to them. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it does not work. Here is one such effort. You decide if it worked or not.

One Side

one vine planted itself there
unabated it grew
the wall was oblivious
but the vine never knew

the gardener watered
and tried to guide it's growth
the wall remained the same
unaware of both

the vine covered more
uninhibited by attentions lack
someday the wall will notice
someday the wall will give back

but the wall remained
as ever, just a wall
the vine covering one side
all in all

it had to happen
as time could not prevent
the wall was covered
the growth had to relent

the vine still held the wall
but growth was ever needed
and so the vine gave greater heed
to other walls that were seeded

so.. the vine grows
and freely gives it beauty all
and turns from time to time
to see the leaves on one side of that wall ..

Ron Simpson, Jr.

1 comment:

miruspeg said...

You are a master poet Ron.
This poem DEFINITELY worked for me.
So visual....loved it.