Thursday, April 30, 2009

stalk much ?

A few days ago while shopping at the grocery, my cell phone rang. It was a call about some inquiries I have made concerning going back to college. I had applied online for a grant for parents going back to college. The lady who called me spoke first of the grant (like she was somehow connected.) Then she subtly inserted into the conversation that she was not really connected with the grant, but did have my information and wondered if I were still interested in attending college. I told her I was, instead of hanging up as I should have. She asked about contact info, in the way someone asked when they say, "are you still at such and such address," and "is your email address still such and" She asked if I would like some schools to contact me via postal mail and email. I said that was fine. I was more interested in getting my groceries paid and bagged. I got off the phone, took my groceries and went home.

I think the first call from one of the schools came in before I got out of the parking lot of the grocery.

Over the next 3 day, 2 colleges called me 27 times. I sent them emails (as they had each emailed me several times as well) asking them to stop contacting me. I explained in the emails that I had given permission to be contacted by mail or email, and not to have my cell phone ring every hour.

College #1 called me within the hour of sending the email. I told them to stop contacting me. The lady I spoke too apologized and told me she would take me off the call list. I had an email from them telling me how to contact them if I desired. End of story.

College #2 sent me an email from the guy that had been emailing me with a copy of his phone log showing he had only called me 5 time in 2 days. (He was apparently not the only one calling me from his college.) In the email, he said they would not contact me again and gave me numbers to contact them if I wished. End of story.

NO. College #2 then sent me a second email informing me that they were removing me from their contact list and would contact me no more. End of story.

NO. College #2 then sent me a third email telling me they would not contact me again and had put me on a DNC list. End of story.


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Willow Tree said...

Wowza! And hey, talk about timing, I was just about to post a please-tell-me-everything-you-know-about-going-back-to-school-as-a-parent post. Miss you guys!