Monday, April 13, 2009

Riding a moped

Around here we have a joke about riding a moped. It goes like this: You might ride a moped, but you wouldn't want any of your friends to see you do it. Therefore, anything that you enjoy that you wouldn't want noised abroad becomes a 'riding the moped' thing.

TJ likes some Adam Sandler movies. Liking Adam Sandler is a 'riding the moped' thing. If you are a juvenile immature teenager, it is okay to like Adam, but if you are a mature XX year old mom of 4, liking Adam is something you wouldn't brag about.

TJ reminded me of this a few nights ago while we were flipping through the channels and came across a movie with Pauly Shore called "Son-in-law." she said it was a moped movie.

We all have them; harmless little things we like that have no real justification. We don't know why we like them. We can't explain it. We just like them. However, we aren't going to tell everyone else.

Think about it. What are your moped things?


blairspage said...

That's true to think about things like that! :)


Heather of the EO said...

Justin Timberlake

Twilight (but only the first book and NOT the movie)

Hannah Montana (yup, I'm pretty sure I don't mind watching the show...oh my.)

Retro Girl said...

Clifford the big red
Homeward Bound - Incredible Journey....My Dog Skip (dog movies in general)

Reruns of Leave it To

Gill said...

Harry Potter and Twilight ;) Glad i have a visor on my cras helmet!! lol

Fly Girl said...

I'm like Gill and loved the Harry Potter series. My Moped thing is probably semi-collecting (I don't display them or anything) McDonald's Happy Meal toys. I often don't even get them out of the little bags. I just like receiving them. My daughter never liked McDonald's growing up. Every now and then I have to buy my own Happy Meal just to get the toy!

Fly Girl said...

Hmmm. I just realized that you didn't share your Moped thing....

TammyJ said...

My Poet..

Ok.. you know some of my moped things.. but the fact that I did used to ride a moped.. did we mention that.. OK so I was 12 at the time.. Is it still embarassing?
Oh yeah.. and I love Jim Carrey movies as well.. but you know all that.. I am beginning to thing one of your moped things is hanging out with me.. love you