Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The day for fools

Happy April Fools Day?

I am not sure what is the right greeting for the day. So, here is wishing you a happy day.

I had a great plan for our 13 yr old for the day. I was going to set all the clocks in the house up 3 hours and get him up at 4AM to get ready for school. I would let him go through the whole routine, get dressed, do his hair, eat his breakfast, let out the dog, and wait for the bus. Then, I would ask him why he was up waiting for a bus that wasn't coming for 3 more hours. Gotcha. However, I realized it was Spring Break for them this week. There was no school in session. While he is a little groggy in the mornings, I think he would remember no school. Back to the drawing board.

It is just after 6 AM and I have finished part 1 of what I hope to make a day of pranking, back and forth. I got up at 5AM and put heat shrink window insulation on his door opening. When he sleepily gets up to go to the first of the morning bathroom trip, he will not see the new barrier. When you shrink it down, it becomes transparent. He is a sound sleeper so he didn't even rouse while I stood at his door with the hair dryer for 30 minutes. I can't wait to see his reaction.

My middle daughter called me yesterday to see if I had any ideas for a gag for her mom/my ex. They have done the 'I'm pregnant" gag before, so it was out. She was going to go to where K works and act as though her and hubby were splitting up. I told her that might not be good as K might let loose some 'I always knew he was like that," or "I never liked him anyway," statements that would have to be dealt with later when the gag was revealed. Some stones are better left unturned.

I came up with a bogus job offer in Arkansas or some other southern state that needed a response very soon. Her hubby is in school for some medical thing and is going for his RN eventually. I told her to make up a town and hospital in one of the southern states that offered C a job and needed him to start as soon as possible. K would have about 3 or so days left to visit the grandkids and then they would be gone for 3 to 6 months. They liked the idea and were going to work on it. I am eagerly anticipating the news of how it went.

What are your gags? Or what did you fall for?


Octamom said...

Ohhhhh, you're good...and evil...but good! ;o)


Gill said...

We forgot about today....but oh my please do tell how the door gag goes! LOL i am eagerly waiting the results hahaha. Too funny. I think you just became my April 1st hero for 2009!!

Heather of the EO said...

You are soooo bad!!!

I didn't have a thing planned. Miles and Asher probably wouldn't get it :)

(Ryan's out of town, haven't talked all day...I should think of something now before we have our phone chat...I think I'll tell him I'm pregnant...NO, that's just mean. How about I tell him I'm leaving? No, even meaner...
hmmmm.... I guess I'll have to tell him I've finished off the ice cream. I know I know, CRAZY!)

Debbie said...

You are bad! I can't believe your son slept through the hair dryer. That is impressive.