Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Three years

Three years ...

To a baby, three years is a lifetime. To our fifth grader, it is just under 1/3 of his life. To our 15 year old, it is 1/5th of her life and the forever that has to happen before she is 18. To Tammy, it is one thing, and to me, it is another.

I turned 49 last week. I was delighted at the looks of shock amongst our friends who could not believe that I could be that old, but, yes, I am. I am nearly half a century old, and while this post is not about my age, it is a relevant fact. How someone looks at time is dependent on so many mitigating circumstance. It is relative to how long one has been living. It is relative to one's health and circumstance. It depends on whether you are looking at 3 years until retirement or 3 years in jail. It changes from the time you are 10 to the time you are 50. It depends on whether you have to endure 3 more years or have only 3 more years to enjoy.

At 10, I was a happy 6th grader at Yates Elementary, oblivious to bills and responsibilities beyond simple chores and schoolwork. At 20, I was married, working as an electrical apprentice, and preaching. At 30, I was working as an electrician, expecting our third child, assistant pastor of a church, and spending too much time on the road keeping food on the table. At 40, I was divorcing, living alone for the first time in my life, and still trying to discover who I was. In 1 year I will be 50. All of my life, in increments of 10 years, or 5, or 1, or even months and weeks, have led me to where I am right now.

So, where am I right now?

I am working as a teacher, teaching electricity to high schoolers. I am a new home owner, again. I am still on my journey to discovery of who I am , or perhaps just on the journey to accepting who I am. I am still a father, grateful of the lessons that path has taught me. I am a husband.

Three years ago, Oct 11, 2003, Tammy and I stood in front of family and friends, expressed our love in vows and song, made promises, kissed, and celebrated. Three years ago, I married one of the smartest, wittiest, prettiest, most honorable persons I have had the joy to know. Three years, we have enjoyed our life. Three years, we have walked up hills, climbed mountains, rested in valleys, together. (Really, it has been 4.5 yrs if you count the 18 months we dated, but let's keep it simple here.)

Three years is just the beginning. Three years and her touch is just as thrilling, if not more. I still smile in my heart when I catch sight of her while we are out and separated for a moment. I still watch her sleeping. I still watch her reading. I am still amazed we are together. I think I have almost stopped worrying that she will come to her senses someday.

Three years, and Honey, I'll still ask you, every day, that one question, "Will you marry me?"

Three years is not enough time to begin to know you. There are so many complexities we have yet to explore. Tomorrow, we start on year 4. I'll fill up with gas, cause this is going to be a helluva ride.

I love and adore you, TJ

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Retro Girl said...

Three years later, and you guys are still my inspiration....

I remember when you first brought Tammy around, amongst all our friends. You were beaming. So was she. I knew she was the one for you and vice versa. I could just see it. I was SO happy for you both.

Three years (plus those 18 months) later, I still admire you both and my heart swells when I see what total respect, adoration, deep friendship, and what true love really are.

3 yrs + 18 months later, and you two still make me cry when I see you sing to each other...when I read words that you've written or spoken to each other about your deep bond of love. I'm a sap that

You set such a wonderful example for others, that good things DO come to those who wait...and that true deep love really can exist.

And I still say, after all this time,...every time I see you....Get a Room!!! lol!

(They'll be saying that to you two, at the nursing home some day--because I know your passion will be just as hot as it ever was!)

Happy Anniversary. All Our love to you both!! *HUGS*

Retro & Hubby