Thursday, October 05, 2006

I just do not get it.

Violence, I understand. If raised in a violent atmosphere, then violence could very well be your first response to most things. I have personally seen children, when introduced into a violent situation, through divorce or remarriage, react to situations with the same type of reaction they have seen. Violence is a difficult cycle to break, but it can be done.

The thing I do not get, is the whole “I was molested as a child, therefore I molest children,” thing. It seems to me that something so degrading and horrifying would be the last thing you would want to revisit on some other child, in the position you were in, years earlier. I would think, that admitting it to yourself, would make you a champion against such offenses.

Now, in light of recent revelations, Former Rep. Mark Foley, has suddenly gained the courage to come out of the closet (like the revelation of you sending sexually motivated IM’s to males, didnt do that for you. “Surprise everyone, I am gay.) and has decided to bring to light (just a little light) his unfortunate childhood that included molestation at the hands of some clergy (to which every clergyman in his life is saying, tell us who it was, so we will be out from under this cloud.)

One of my pet peeves, is telling someone under me, to do something, or stop doing something, and them telling me what they are doing, as if that means they don’t have to conform to what I said. (Like today when I told one of the auto students [yes, I have them today] to leave the lift alone, he felt compelled to tell me that he was showing someone something on it. It doesnt matter. I didnt ask why you were doing the thing you shouldnt be doing. I simply told you to stop doping it. The proper response is to say, yes, Mr. Simpson, and stop.)

Dude, you were caught. You did the wrong thing, for the wrong reasons, and were caught. Do not tell me why you were doing it. Do not use whatever contrived motive you thought you had as an excuse to slip out from under the responsibility umbrella. You did it. Pay for it.

Like the sign in the glass shop window, “If you break it, you buy it.” Mr. Foley, you broke it, now buy it. I do not need your DRs excuse or your lawyers note. I need you with your responsibility and remorse, to step up, and say, “It was my fault.”

Man, you broke it. Do the right thing. Stop hiding behind your fabricated vague past. That is so lame. It is so high school.

I remember once in High School. I had a class I hated. I skipped it just about every day. The class was split by lunch. So, while that class was in lunch, I would slip in and mark myself present. If we had grades, I would give myself a decent grade. I didnt make myself an A student. Well, eventually I was caught. Someone turned me in. The principal called me in. He asked what I was doing in the lunchroom when I was supposed to be in class. I told him, “I was skipping,” and that was the last truthful thing I said in that meeting. There were drugs involved, threats, fears, retaliations, etc. I lied my ass off. He bought enough of it to excuse my skipping that day (they did not know about the other days.) I walked away a free man.

That is not going to happen here. This is the big leagues. You may garner some sympathy with your stories, but you still need to pay the price.

If you believe that this is a cycle, you need to break it here. The kids you touched (Physically, mentally, or emotionally) need to see you pay the price. They need to see the ramifications of those actions visited upon you.

I may be way off base.

I welcome your thoughts and comments.

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TammyJ said...

Hey Baby..

Couldn't agree with you more.. you know how I feel about personal responsibility.. sounded like kyle you were describing there for a minute.. " Kyle Stop doing ( insert almost anything).." " But, I was showing so and so ( again insert almost anything).." ain't he a fun kid to have around..

Love you