Sunday, October 01, 2006

Are you ready for this?

It is still a busy week.

Thursday, we went to revival in a neighboring town. A friend in Carlisle pastors a church in Flemingsburg. Another friend from Indiana, now pastoring in GA, was preaching. Mom and Dad were going to be there and asked us to join them, and we did. Now, I am used to driving in Lex, with all 268,000 on the road trying to get into the same parking place that I want. It was just over 30 miles to where we were going. We left the church at 8:47 pm and drove home. We drove 25 of the 30 miles and encountered 5 cars along the way. 5 cars ! ! Small town driving is one thing, but driving between small towns, you better have a good working cell phone and ample coverage area, in case you get lost or break down.

Friday, I get up. The clothes from going to church are in the chair. It is easier to grab them, khaki's and nice shirt, than to dig for jeans and an appropriate T. I get to work, and you would think they have never seen me dressed up that much.

Friday night is laid back. Easy going. Relaxing.

Saturday is a rush. Tammy has to take Chris to Louisville for meeting with psychiatrist recommended by the court. I have to take Chella to Kenneland Race track for a walk for DSACK (Down Syndrome Association of Central Kentucky) for charity. I take Kyle with me, and take him to Caimon's for the weekend. I do some work on Dad's apartment building. Then I pick Chella up and drop her off at Fayette mall to meet a friend, and off to the house.

Tammy gets home, and we go to the grocery to pick up some scripts and get some needed things. One of the things needed is toilet paper. (My girls and some of my close friends will tell you about my phobia about running out of toilet paper.) I keep plenty around. Tammy goes off to get her scripts and I go down the TP aisle. I like Charmin, but any nice brand on sale will do. Anyway, I am looking for regular rolls of Charmin. I see big rolls. (12 big rolls = 24 regular rolls, it boasts.) Farther searching brings the 30 big roll pack, equal to 60 rolls. Then there are the MEGArolls. (6 rolls equals 24 regular rolls.) All I want is to find a package of regular rolls of toilet paper.

I just want to be able to wipe my ass, not do algebra. If x=regular roll, and y=big roll, and z=mega rolls, how long will it take to give you a headache in the bathroom. Come on, we go to the bathroom to relax, not do long division.

Grocery shopping has become more and more complicated. If you cant get your kid to do their math homework, and you are worried about them failing math, send them to Kroger to get regular rolls of toilet paper. They will rush home and plow into their math books. I always wondered how math was going to apply to my life after school. (We have all heard that argument .. I'll never use this after high school.) One trip down that aisle should convince them otherwise.

After that trip, I had to go home and nurse my aching head.

ahhhhhhhhh .... Slow Sunday

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