Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The DR said ....

ok .. It isn't my gall bladder. It isn't my appendix. It isn't my heart.

They really aren't too sure what it is, so excluding things is the second best thing. They suspect that it is something in the stomach wall, something causing spasms. The pain radiating to my shoulder, they say, is my acid reflux.

They gave me some Prevacid to take before the meal, and told me to continue to take my Ranitidine at bedtime. Then they gave me a tranquilizer for my tummy. If it begins to hurt, I am to put two of these little bitty pills under my tongue and let them dissolve, for faster entrance into my bloodstream.

That is one of the most difficult tasks to do. It seems so easy. However, them little suckers do not want to stay under the tongue. They crawl out. Then you try to put them back, with your tongue, and end up putting them between your lip and gum. Finally, I have to get them out and put them back manually.

I finally get them to dissolve, and they don't seem to make any difference.

BUT ... The real good news is: They scheduled me for a Colonoscopy next week.

Yeah, a camera in my anus, wahooooooo. Tammy says it is about the size of her little finger. The DR says they will give me an anesthetic in an IV and I will wake up after it is over. That is always a scary thing, to go to sleep at a DR's office and wake up with a sore butt. It is easier to take knowing that it is supposed to happen. It would be totally different if it happened at the dentist office.

Oh course, my luck, just before I pass out, I'll see the Channel 18 truck outside and their cameras are HUGE !!!

I'll wake up with an anus you can park your car in and a form to sign saying it was ok because the DR's camera malfunctioned and they we already in the building.

Wish me luck.

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Retro Girl said...

Glad to hear it's not the GB, the Appendix or heart.

Sorry to hear you have to have the scope...(search and seizure..) At least you are having a sense of humor about it lol....it'll be okay *hugs*

Hope you get to feeling like a million bucks soon!