Sunday, October 15, 2006

And we are still not through it


Who would have known it could be so crazy?

Now, we had festivals and events in Lexington that would carry on into the wee hours, with revellers in every corner of town. However, Lexington is a town of 268K+. It is set up to handle large gatherings, well, except for traffic. Lexington can't handle regular traffic.

(I was coming thru Lexington at 2PM on a Friday afternoon. There are 2 major roads leading into Lexington from the south. They are Nicholasville Rd and Harrodsburg Rd. At 2 PM, Friday, Nicholasville Rd was bumper to bumper for more than 3 miles. I made the opportunity to cut across to Harrodsburg Rd, and it was bumper to bumper thru town and beyond. What the heck are all these people doing on the road in the middle of a work day? This was not rush hour. This was 2 hours before rush hour. Incredible.)

Anyway, Mt Sterling is a town of just over 5600. It has 3 corridors that run east/west. They are High St, Main St, and Locust St. Then there is 1 corridor going north/south. It is Maysville rd. It even does a little jog thing thru town, where you have to turn and turn to stay on Maysville Rd. On the North side of Main and all of Locust, from 5 blocks west of the house to 20 yards of the house is COURT DAYS. It started (officially) on Saturday and runs thru Monday. It has been a zoo. From the edge of my driveway, I can look up Locust and see a slowly churning living wall of people. There is a constant stream of walkers from blocks and blocks east of us that pass to and fro in front of our house.

Tammy is freaking out because, at least, 1 out of every 5 passersby is carrying a firearm of some sort. Some have rifles, some have shotguns, some have pistols. (We did find out if you are carrying more than 2 firearms and you are congregating and talking to others with firearms, you will be fined $300 for illegal firearms trading. Odd.) There is much trading. There are many vendors. There are countless food merchants. It is Festival !!

We have allowed some to park in the side yard. Kyle goes to the corner with a sign and works the traffic. Anyone with room for 3 or more cars has a sign and offers to allow parking .. For a fee. We did the same. We made enough on Saturday and Sunday to pay for Tammy's new cell phone. (We wont talk about what happened to her old one. Let's just say that cell phone and washing machines .. Not a good mix.)

Oh yeah, we had a great anniversary. The gifts were simple and from the heart. I have no clue what the 3rd year anniversary is. I tried to buy her some outlet extension boxes and some wire track molding, but the supply house was sold out. Oh well, maybe next year.

I took off work on Thursday and Friday. That was good. There were no students at my school anyway, Fall break. A few of my students were at Court Days and stopped by to say hi.

Now, Court days ? Well, in the olden days, Montgomery County was the largest in KY. It stretched from its present eastern border all the way to the West Virginia state line. The judge was only in town on a certain Monday each month. All those that had business with the court would be in town on that day every month. They came from near and far to do their business. Since transportation wasn't as modern or convenient those days, many travelers took advantage of the day to do their monthly shopping. There was also much horse trading of items of all shapes and sizes. Eventually, vendors caught wind of the possibilities and began setting up on court day each month because of the increased chances to sell their wares.

Modernization (to some point) occurred. The county gave land to other counties. Montgomery County is now one of the smallest counties in KY. Court business is taken care of daily as it is all across the land. Court day became an annual event. It is estimated that over 130,000 people will pass thru Mt Sterling during these three days. We were out earlier to pick up a prescription for Tammy, and as far away as 2 miles, they were parking folks for $5. Beyond that, they still parked, but it was less.

Tomorrow, I am supposed to be back at work. Tammy has to work as well, but later in the day. The kids have had their two day crash course on parking cars. They will be manning the fort.

Tammy has a big case of the tired's. I am not far behind.

How was your weekend ?

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Retro Girl said...

Darn I miss everything good - being so darn far away!

Hope the crowds don't drive ya nuts...and you make lotsa $$ from the parking...

Wish we were there with ya!

Poor Tammy and her cell phone....

*hugs* Red