Wednesday, March 28, 2007

She still baffles the medical profession

Granny is still with us.
Well, she is with us in body mainly. she suffered a second stroke after the big one that put her in the hospital. The Dr's say she has no recognition. She does, however, like to be the center of attention, as she always has. If you are not talking to her, even in her state, she fusses by slapping her hand on the bed, or banging her thumb into your hand if you are holding hers.

She has been over three weeks with no food or water. she cannot swallow. Her veins collapse if an IV is attempted. Three days ago, her kidneys stopped functioning. Death usually occurs within 24 hours of renal failure. BUT, there she is, still hanging on.
Every day, the Hospice people come by and say it will be her last. Every day they leave scratching their heads. She isn't going until it is time. Apparently, it isn't her time.
She is one tough old lady.

She is 92 and has lived a life full of adventure and love. She has buried three husbands. she has been married 6 times. Her first husband, my grandfather, was a moonshiner. There are so many stories of her. At 72, she told the grandkids that she HAD to get married. When we asked her why, she replied, "I'm horny!"

Such is her life. I will rehearse her stories and tell them to my grandchildren. She will never be gone as long as someone tells her stories. I will keep her immortal. Even now, at 92, confined to her bed at home, she defies science, and writes more stories.

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Retro Girl said...

Sounds like she's holding on for something...or someone.

We were told by the nurses in the hospice where my grandma lay dying, that a person will hold on sometimes, until every one of their loved ones has been to visit and says goodbye...or will hold on until family tells them "it's okay to go"....That was the hardest thing for us to do, with my gram. We had to tell her it was okay...okay to let go.

She seemed to hang on just like that...until everyone finally got there, and said goodbye. Her own daughter held out until the very last...couldn't bear to say goodbye. But when she finally Gram took a deep breath and drifted out of this world very peacefully. It was deeply moving, incredibly sad, and very precious all at the same time.

My thoughts are with you all...and with your Grandma. They may say she has no recognition, but I'm convinced---they hear you. They know you're there. Talk to her. Sing to her...tell her it's okay. She needs you.

Luv you
my friends