Wednesday, March 14, 2007

And so it goes ...

Life slowly goes on. I can't say that it is returning to normal, because it is now and forever different. Everyday, I realise more and more, just how much Dad meant to me. My life is surrounded by many common friends within the church community. They try to tipptoe around talking about Dad as a way to ease my pain. I want them to know that talking about him is fine. The tears you see are a mixture of the sorrow and the love I have in my heart. I realise that he is with me forever. He taught me how to live and showed how to die with grace and dignity. God honored him in his death as he honored God in his life. I am thankful for that.

I created a place for others to leave comments about his effect on their lives. It is slowly filling with comments. It is a great source of comfort to see his works are still alive.

Granny, his mother, is dying. Her veins are collapsing and they cannot medicate or feed her. She is 92. My heart is full. So many memories of her fill my head.

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