Thursday, March 08, 2007

Bad meeting, Long day

It was supposed to be a meeting where we discussed with the Dr's dads condition and ask about where we go from here in his treatment. I was to go to work (which I did, ) leave and come to the meeting (which I did,) take care of some school/Skills business in town (which Tammy did for me,) and return to school for the afternoon. The 'returning' part didn't happen.

The Dr's report was not good. Dad was slipping. they now are calling it a major brain injury. We, as a family, made difficult decisions and had the ventilator removed and issued a DNR order. That was 11 AM. For the next 12 hours, his room was filled with family and close friends. There was laughter and there were tears. There was a celebration of a well lived life and sadness that it might be ending. He held his own all day and night.

55 years ago, he met and fell in love with mom. People told them they were too young to know what they were doing. They may have been, but they knew what they wanted. Nearly 51 years ago he gave his heart and live to God. 49 years ago he began preaching. 47 years ago he started a small church as pastor. That church still goes strong today. He was pastor for 39 years. As long ago as 4 weeks, he was still preaching and teaching in churches around the state. What a life !
What a journey ! What an incredible journey !

I can't pretend to know if this is where his walk ends. I do not know what God may have in store for him. Yesterday, his legacy surrounded him as his room was filled at all times. Preachers and friends from all over the state visited. This was on a moments notice of his condition.

If my life has only a part of the impact his has had, I would count my life as a success, if life were counted as such.

Posts will probably be few in the next few days. We appreciate your prayers and thoughts.

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