Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Wowser ...

It is hard to believe that I have been quiet for almost a week. It has been an eventful few days though.

First ... Let me say that last night was monumental. I was scared nearly to death. I sang the National Anthem at a
lexingtonlegends Ball game. It was a great experience. When I went in at 5:45 for my sound check and practice, the young lady that directed me told me to stand in the circle just outside the path from third base to home base and to look up at the 1300 booth. It dawned on me then, that the game, and my singing of the anthem were going to be on the radio. The feed the butterflies in my stomach a health helping of miracle grow. Still, I managed to warble through the practice run. I was practicing being nervous.

As instructed (Teachers can follow instructions) I returned to the area at 6:45 to wait. There were some people that had won opportunities to throw out ceremonial first pitches. Then the young lady told me, when they began announcing the Legends line-up, at player 5 or 6, I was to walk out to the box and wait to be introduced. Walking to the singing spot woke up any remaining butterflies that might have been sleeping.

I waited ... And then, the announcer announced, "Will everyone please stand and remove your hats, while Ron Simpson sings our National Anthem." The 40 to 50 that came to see me whooped and hollered. I waved to my family (20 of the bunch) and proceeded to sing, A capella, the Star Spangled Banner. I was one scared puppy.

After I was done, there was an ovation (which is normal for everyone I am sure.) I got a chuckle, because a friend told me that I would probably get a standing ovation. It never dawned on me that he would be right because I forgot that they would all be standing for the Anthem anyway.

Several people told me I did great. I thanked them. One older lady came out of the concession to tell me that I had a powerful voice. I swear, I was red.

We stayed until the 5th inning. As we were leaving, we walked past an area under a tent like, where folks could eat. A man stopped me and asked if I was Simpson. I told him I was. I worked nearly 30 years in construction and was assistant pastor of a church for many years during that time. I have met and talked with thousands and thousands of people. I figured he was someone that had met me somewhere. No, he wanted to tell me that my rendition was the best he had ever heard. I was flabbergasted. Needless to say, I can no longer tell Tammy that I am not much of a singer. Not that I am bragging, please don't get that impression. I am one of hundreds of thousands of people in this world that can carry a tune. Still, my five minutes in the sun were quite nice.

Had I known, that my performance was televised on the jumbo-tron, I would have been all that much more scared. LOL.

Oh yeah, The Legends beat the Columbus Catfish by a score of 2 to 1.

The house is still at a standstill. More paperwork required. Why is it, that everytime someone tells you that you only need one more piece of paperwork, that one piece never satisfies what they need. They say, well, I needed that one to proceed until I need another piece.

Oh yeah, Red, my daughter did record the event, I will get a copy to you, or put it online, if i can ..


Retro Girl said...

I wish I had been there in person, sitting with Tammy :-) I agree with that man - I bet it was the best version of the Anthem ever sung...

I've been very fortunate enough to hear you sing and I think you sing popular country songs better than the original artists!! You're amazing!!

Again, my dear friend, I am SO PROUD of you!!!! I am hoping to make a stop in Lexington the Saturday of Labor Day weekend...will keep you posted. Perhaps we can see the tape then...

Luv you both,


seymour said...

Way to go! Singing in front of a crowd is not an easy thing to do! This is something you will never forget.