Thursday, August 24, 2006

Raz-a-frz-a-braz-a-racker continued

Ok .. If you are a regular reader of either Tammy's or my blog, then you know we are trying to buy a house. It has been one headache after another. Probably 6 months or better ago, we found the house we liked. I remember snow on the ground when we looked at it.
We decided we liked it and began the process about financing. There were a few hiccups there with a phantom foreclosure on my credit, that never happened. It took much paperwork to get that cleared.

Then, there were the several extended closing dates. Most of these were the mortgage company's inability to communicate about exactly what they needed. They also seem to misplace faxes. Regardless, we still persevered.

Then we get a package from the bank about our loan, the closing costs were doubled and the interest rate increased. Hell no!

We talked with our broker and others, even getting an offer to close in ten days with a cheaper interest rate by going FHA. (he FHA angle wouldn't work because of the type of heating in the house. )

Our original broker got serious at the prospect of losing the loan after all the work they did and scraped the fluff away, and presented a bare bones, cut the cost, closing.

This worked.

Still dealing with extra kids, my Principal's version of 'shit runs downhill', and a wavering closing date.

We have set the closing date several times and watched careen on by, laughing maniacally at us on the side.

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