Friday, August 11, 2006

Hitting the ground running

School is back in session. Wednesday was the first day with students.

My classroom is set up to handle 14 students comfortably. With the Auto students that are hanging in my class until we hire a new Auto teacher, I have over 30 in my first period. That drops to 28 in my second period. Then third block is a slight breather with only 8, followed by 20 in fourth, and then finishing with 6 in fifth.

Fortunately, I am teaching on safety for the first week and a half. That is benefitial to both classes. It has been rather hectic though. There are new rules and some on the returning students are bucking against it. Oh, well, life is a B. Get over it.

All in all they are a good group, but in a group of that size it only takes one or two to mess it up. Believe me, some of thses guys have very little compunction about behaving. It is much more fun to stir it up. My Principal tells me I have to be very hard at the first (and I agree) but, in a week or so, thses guys will have a new teacher, and they will start all over again with the pushing the limits. Oh, to be young and uncaring once more. lol.

Time is short around here. Students will be arriving shortly. I hope to post more this weekend.

Y'all have a good one.

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Dark said...

Hey Ron - Good luck with the students. I remember being difficult on the teachers, although I wouldnt condone it now. I am happy now for the education I received. ... funny how we all grow up, eh?