Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Back to work

The 06-07 school year has begun for me.

Today I am back in the classroom. The AC is still out. Today is to be the hottest day of the summer here. The high is to be 96°. My classroom is a room built upstairs in my shop. All the heat rises to fill my room. It is stiflingly hot here. Now, when I say the AC isn’t working, it is like this: There is a window type unit in the wall, venting into a small storage area that is closed off. The unit works, sorta. It does blow air, and sometimes, rarely, but sometimes, that air is cool. Sitting at my desk, I get these alternating cool and warm movements of air. The warm air is simply the air returned back to the room that the AC takes in.

Note: the way an AC unit works. It does not cool the air. It un-heats it. True. The AC unit takes in warm air and removes the heat from it. It returns the air with the heat removed, to the area. The then un-heated air mixes with the heated air and effectively lowers the temperature of the room, house, building, etc..

My AC unit sometimes removes the heat, and sometimes doesn’t remove the heat. It doesn’t make the room hotter, it just doesn’t make it cooler either. There is a slight comfort (term used loosely here) zone at my desk because it is right beside the unit. Any more than 3 feet away from the desk and it is stiflingly hot once again. I have not checked the temp up here, as it is best not to know. It is one of those things. It doesn’t seem as hot until someone tells you it is 100°'s where you are. Suddenly you are sweating and dying of thirst.

Here is the problem. While there is work to be done at my desk, there is abundantly more work to be done away from my desk. There are tables to be moved, chairs to be stacked, floors to be swept and mopped, and other furniture to be rearranged. The Maintenance Dept assures me that my new unit is on the way and should be installed this week.

The first day with students is August 8th. It is ok if I am hot. It is not ok if 20 students are roasting in a room.

On another tangent, 6 days until I sing the National Anthem at the Lexington Legends Baseball game. The Columbus Catfish will be in town. I am expecting about 30 friends to be there for the event. Did I say nervous?

Well, between the heat, the air, and my hair, it is time for me to close. I will be back ranting, raving, and rambling, later.

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Retro Girl said...

It's hotter than heck up here too!

Try and stay cool as best you can...take a big jug of ice water..or lemonade...(bring Tammy and have her fan ya..lol!)

I wish someone could video tape you singing at the ballgame!! *Pouting cause we can't be there to watch*...

I hope you know how PROUD of you I am...PROUD to be your friend... I think that is an amazing thing - for you to sing the Anthem, and know how beautiful you will sing it!! Lexington is in for a real treat. I mean it.

I miss you *HUGS*
I miss Tammy *HUGS HUGS!*