Friday, August 18, 2006

Whewwwwww !!

Friday !!!!

Finally it is Friday. The extra 30 or so students is showing on me. Not that another 30 electrical students would be bad, but these students are not actually mine. The State is dragging it's feet about hiring a new automotive teacher. It is a quagmire. All the applicants were interviewed. All were liked. All would make a good teacher. BUT .... Each one had some small thing that didn't line up to the States requirements. Some were just minimal and the School is trying to get those fixed. The first one fixed is hired.

The problem lies, in that even when the State makes up it's mind, it will still be 2 weeks until the new teacher gets into the classroom. Most of the Auto students are getting frustrated (with good reason.) The rub is, that while they are frustrated, it is I that catches their anger. They get antsy. They get bored, because my class, as exciting as it is, is not automotive, which they signed up for. That makes it difficult for my students and them.
The strain of being 2 teachers short is even affecting our principal. She is running a bit on the ragged side. That strain is also passed on to the teachers. We are getting it from both sides. I am beginning to fell like a boob in a mammogram. I am getting pressure on both sides and feel like a pancake.

So ... I am glad it is finally Friday. That doesn't mean that Monday will be any better, but it will be after a 2 day break.

There is movement on the house buying front. I will report as I find anything out.

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