Monday, May 02, 2011

Ever vigilant means never again.

This week has been a week of working an odd shift (1:30 to 10:00PM.) it has wreaked havoc with my usual supper at home. i have eaten out a couple times this week, which is not the usual for me, but haven't done too badly.

My worst day was actually brought about by a breakfast out rather than a supper out. I was out and about on Wednesday and got caught in the foul weather sweeping through the state. I stopped for breakfast a a fast food place and ended up with a 500+ calorie breakfast instead of my usual 200 - 300 calorie fare. Still, I finished the day with under 1500 calories. Being over 1400 made my eyes go wide. My normal is 1100 to 1200 calories a day.

I haven't really checked it but my average for the week, while a little higher than normal, is still well within any prescribed calorie ranges and still within the 'pleases Ron' range. An occasional day with high number, while freaking me out, doesn't do a lot to the bottom line. As long as those kinds of day do not become the norm, i am OK.

I expect that I will maintain this week. That is fine. I am down 125 pounds in under 10 months. I can rest on my laurels every now and then. I am 5 pounds from my goal and still living the new lifestyle. I am on guard to make sure old habits do not resurface.

Ever vigilant means never again.

I like wearing 40 inch waists instead of 60 inch waists. I like wearing 17 inch collars instead of 20 inch collars. I like wearing a large pullover instead of 4XL pullovers.

Ever vigilant means never again !

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