Tuesday, May 03, 2011

nine and a half months later

One of the boards I subscribe to on SparkPeople asked that we post how we are doing sine we began in August. Here is my response:

Well, since I began in August, I have done well.

I have lost 125 pounds (from 350 to 225.)
I have went from wearing 60 inch waist pants to wearing a 40 inch waist.
I have gone from wearing 3X shirts to wearing a Large to XLarge.

Since August I have logged in over 550 miles distance in walking. I have retired my cane.

I have stopped taking any medication for acid reflux. It used to be a daily pill.

My synthroid dosage has dropped and continues to do so.

When I began, I was looking at disability retirement. I could not do the job for which I was trained and worked at for over 25 years. I am a licensed Master Electrician. Now, I work a 40 hour week every week.

I am much more active and able to do so much more.

My wife says my snoring has greatly reduced and my sleep apnea has gone.

Quite a difference from nine and a half months ago.

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