Wednesday, May 18, 2011

adding new cardio

My wife and I bought bikes.

That statement alone should be enough to convince you that we have lost our minds.

Our reasoning is that, since we cannot walk together because of the difference in our gaits, we could ride together easier. Moreover, it would be easier for me to go slower on a bike than it would be for me to walk at a slower pace.

She got her bike first. She went on a ride and enjoyed it.
I got my bike over the weekend. I got a used Ironhorse Warrior mountain bike. I don't care much for the skinny tire bikes.

Sunday, while she is cooking supper, I tell TJ that I am taking a bike ride. She stated that she thought we were going to be riding together. I told her we would , but she was not invited to my virgin ride (I am a virgin again after so many years) to hear her snickering behind me.

That ride was only a mile. Oh my! I remember biking being much easier when I was in college.

Monday and Tuesday's rides were 2.5 miles.

It must be serious. I have now bought locks and helmets and gloves, and a water bottle.

One of the guys at work asked me if it was mostly level ground where I ride. All I can say is that the Mount in Mount Sterling does not stand for level ground. Mountains ! It is all hills and valleys. However, it seems there are more uphill than downhill, if that is possible.

There are places on me that hurt that have not hurt in a long time.

And .. Who ever decided those seats were comfortable ?

I just want to know.

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