Friday, April 22, 2011

A solid 40

This week I have been fitting into my size 40 waist work pants. They (work) gave me some since my original uniform pants were size 48's. They are pleated and therefore generally fit larger than actual 40's. This was not really an issue, because, when they gave them to me, I couldn't even button them. Now, I can.

This week, the wife went to the thrift stores and got me some jeans (usually more true to size) that were also 40's. I didn't think they would fit.

Well, they did. So, I am now in a solid 40 inch waist jeans.

And ... I am 5 pounds from my goal !!!!


TammyJ said...

What he left out is that one pair of the jeans are Ralph Lauren which run really small usually. I normally wear a size 10 but I have to usually buy a 12 in Lauren.. so he has really done well.. I am so proud of my handsome skinny hubby.. Love you baby

Patrice said...

TammyJ, you should be very proud of your hubby!!! It is an awesome thing to lose that much weight!!