Saturday, January 22, 2011

Crazy Week

This week was crazy at work and with the weather.

Weather-wise, we started out with snow and ended up with more snow. Thursday evening saw a rapid snowfall of about 3 to 4 inches. Friday's commute to work was on half lane to quarter lane roads. Still, to work I drove and arrived safely (thanks, Lord.)

I got a new pedometer last weekend and wore it at work this week to get a better idea of how much walking my work day entails. Including the 4.5 miles I walked on Monday (Holiday/no work) I walked 27.2 miles this week. I told my wife I had walked a marathon! She told me she didn't think the idea of a marathon was to walk it in one week. I told her that she could walk a marathon her way and I would walk it my way (laughing.)

This mornings weigh-in yielded a total weight loss in 5.5 months of 90 pounds.

90 pounds !!!!

I weigh 260 pounds! The last time I remember weighing in this general area was when I weighed 250 when my youngest daughter was born. She turned 23 in October.

I actually had on a pair of pants recently that were 44 inch waist. The were a bit snug, but not choking my waist. When I started I had a pair of 60 inch waist pants hanging in my closet. For now, I am mostly wearing 46's for the comfort of the loose waist. I am probably in the middle (45) as far as what would fit me just right.

I have adjusted to the increased calories needed since I have returned to work. I am still giving my body enough to work well and function properly, without adding weight.

And, at the end of this crazy, cold, snowy, walking week, I am 90 pounds lighter than when i began.

I like it!

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