Monday, January 03, 2011

Back to work

Monday was my first day back at work in over two years.

It was an interesting day. I wore my pedometer because I was going to miss my morning walk. I had to go to the parking office to get a pass for parking in the employee lots. It was a good little drive, but I decided to walk. Then there was the walk to the security office to get a badge. Then I had to walk back to the truck to get the second paper and back to the security office. Add a walk to the clinic for a TB test, and then back to the office, and then to the hospital to actually work, and by the days end, I had walked over 4 miles and 9200 steps.

Apparently it was a slow day.

And .. I did manage to maintain my new eating plan ..

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Venom said...

Holy crap Ron, I just looked at your Dec picture - Whoo hoo Hottie!!

Updating my blogroll and adding you there. Sorry it's taken so dang long, and keep up the great work, man, you're an inspiration!