Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In words I can never utter .. poetry

In words I can never utter


I just forget

It isn’t that I forget to tell you

It isn’t that I forget how I feel

It isn’t even that I forget you want to know

I just forget

The words to tell you

I see the words

Float by my mind’s eye

I see their color and splash

I see the passion they seek to convey

And I see them falling short of the mark

Their colors are not vibrant enough

To paint the true collage of my love

I plait them with other words

Hoping to bring to bear

The fullness of my heart

And yet, it still fails


I remember

The things I feel

When your fingers touch my skin

When I hear you breathing close to me

When I still taste you on my lips

Long after the kiss is past

I catch your scent

When you are not around

And I am once again overwhelmed

By your presence

I can close my eyes

And see you dancing among the words

That seek to capture how you make me feel

At that moment

I know

I will never really have the words

I will never possess the ability

To express

In letters expertly arranged

In syllables skillfully organized

In words capably displayed

The true pinnacle and profundity

Of what lives in my heart

Of what dances in my soul

Of what frolics in my mind

Of what love holds in me

For I am captured by you

I am a captive to your heart

In words

I can never utter

Ron Simpson, Jr.

June 29, 2010

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