Monday, July 05, 2010


Some words bring vivid images to bear
For me, impact brings a collage of imagery


July 5, 1930
Eighty years ago, a star landed on earth
This star did not hit the earth like an asteroid
Or create the havoc of a falling star
I would imagine, for that era,
There was not much splash at all
Except for family and some close friends
The event went mainly unnoticed by humanity

However, in the heavens, there was notice

It has been eighty years since the first impact
That birth immediately impacted some
And then, weaving a bold, yet intricate thread
It has impacted thousands

A stranger could closely inspect this life
And ascertain that the effect was minimal
Yet, today, there is a multitude,
Impacted by this one single life
Immediate family, approaching one hundred
Church family, in the thousands
Associates, colleagues, neighbors, nearly uncountable

And, his star, shone brightly for them all

Even his casual passing changed people
Such was his impact

Closer to home
I hear him when I talk at times
I see him when I glance quickly at a mirror
I know, when I think about things, I feel his impact

He was the most important man in my life
For all the things people called him
Too some, he was pastor
Too others, he was friend
There were some that called him boss
And other that called him a co-worker
I was, and still am, thrilled to call him ‘dad’

Thank you Dad
For your immeasurable impact
In my life

Ron Simpson, Jr.
July 5, 2010

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