Monday, June 14, 2010

in Celebration of Fathers

In celebration of Father's Day, I will post a poem each day this week dealing with fathers .. mostly mine .. since he was my shining example ..

From The Shore

There is a lighthouse standing,
O'er the rocky breaking shore
It's light a glaring bright,
It's horn, a lion's roar;
It clings to it's foundation,
Though progress crowds it's fragile perch,
For lost in deep and murky waters,
Desperate ships for him search;
He stands out from all the others,
His architecture old, but true,
When change is all around us,
He is always close to view;
Marking off his constant light,
Many ships have safely sailed,
Ignoring his oh so gentle roar,
Upon the rocks ships have failed;
There is a lighthouse standing,
Father, he is called,
Different from all the others,
For in him, Love is walled;
He looms above the crowded throng,
A tower filled with wonders much,
His roar, both stern and gentle,
His light, a probing and warming touch;
In deep and silent waters,
Needing directions from the shore,
I seek the bright and guiding light,
And listen for his lion's roar;
For though I pilot this wondrous ship,
I hope never to be alone,
For on the shore stands my father,
Guiding me from times more known;
Always be old, but true,
Always shine and roar,
Always be my guiding light,
Even from the shore;
Thank you, Dad.

Ron Simpson, Jr.
Father’s Day 1994

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