Saturday, June 19, 2010

in Celebration of Fathers

A Hero

As a growing boy
I had several heroes
Some wore capes
Some flew through the air
Some had webs
While others had glowing repulsor beams

My childhood heroes
Came in various sizes, shapes, and colors
They had special powers
With super secret identities
They had super foes
To provide spectacular battles

As I grew,
My heroes changed
They became more real
And worked their special abilities
In the real world
The same real world in which I lived

They were leaders
Men and women of peace
Or champions of important causes
They battled injustices
With the powers of the mind
And the weapon of the pen

Older now
And looking across a stretch of time
That sees the changes
Wrought by a near lifetime
Of growing and changing
My heroes have become closer

The caped flying warrior of justice
Still brings the smile to my boyish heart
The champions of world issues
Still stir my being to fight the good fight
However, now I can see the heroes
That have been with me all my life

You didn’t put on a cape and fight my foes
But you did keep me safe
You didn’t fight hunger in the world arena
But you worked, everyday, and fed a family
You have always been my champion
Even when the sparkle in my eyes
Was captured by some far distant star

You are one of my heroes, Dad
Even when I didn’t know what heroes were
You were there filling those shoes
Today, you will just smile
And say you were doing what fathers do
But, I will know,
That is part of being a hero too

Thanks for all the years
Of being my unsung hero

Ron Simpson, Jr.
June 18, 2006

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