Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Spark

My Principal asked me write something .. or do something .. for the School Board Appreciation thing.

It includes a cover that says:
Thanks for all you do to keep the spark of education alive in Clark County.

It all begins with a spark.

Walking back from the retirement dinner
I took a trip in my mind,
To try to find the place it all began
Backwards I tread through the thirty years
Of loving what I do and doing what I love
This time watching as it unfolded
Even the day I started, it was already there

Farther back, I trekked,
Eyes intently watching
Watching as it ebbed and glowed
Throughout those college years
Must have happened before then
I mused, considering all I saw

Back to high school
Those oft remembered days of youth
The friendships formed,
That last even until today
Forming and making me
Becoming the person, I was supposed to be
Still, it was already there

Middle school came and went
Filled with laughter and learning
Building blocks,
On a foundation already fashioned
Elementary school, there I found it
That first beginning spark
A certain teacher noticed it
And fed it from the menu of education

It happens different for us all
At diverse times and poles apart places
But somewhere along the way
We find ‘our’ spark
And there it really begins

Now I find, Even in this eve of my life
That spark, now a flame
Calls to me still

January 23, 2007


Retro Girl said...

What a great piece!! I'm sure they really liked it and appreciated it!

Brighton said...


Britmum said...


I came from Brightons comments to read this. It really hit me as I am struggeling with my eldests education and just want to do. Very inpiring and thought provoking. Thank you for sharing.

Take care

Brandon said...

I came over from Brighton's, too, and was touched by this. I'm a husband and father trying to finish a woefully-late degree and wondering what to do next, and teaching was on the short list of possibilities. This gives me something to think about. Thanks.