Monday, January 22, 2007

Oh yeah .. And on Saturday

I got certified as a CPR/First Responder.

It was a cool class. The presenter/instructor was Rob, an Englander with his accent in tact. He is a diver, among other things. He is also a personal friend. We held the class at our house, with 12 people in attendance. It was a blast. Ten friends and Tammy and I, working our way through the manual and the hands-on stuff. We did the actually procedure on a resusci-annie. It was interesting. I did this when I was an apprentice electrician, but that was a long time ago.

We also did the First Aid part and the AED device training. AED is the new defibrillator thing that does everything nearly automatically. We are getting one for our school.

We took a break between the book and test part, and the hands-on part. We went to a Chinese restaurant for a late lunch. 15 of us (Rob & Brandy had 2 of the kids with them and we took Sierra, who is 18) took over a section of the place. The fortunes were very interesting. The key to reading a fortune from the cookie is to add the phrase, "In bed" at the end of whatever fortune you get. One of our friends, who is a lawyer, got a fortune, that worked with or without the ending phrase, but was much more interesting with it. It read, "Your tongue is best ambassador," IN BED !! It was priceless.

Then back to the house for the final phase and viola', we are certified for 2 years.

We had a Board meeting after the class and even thought for a spilt second about going to Lexington that evening. It passed quickly. We were worn out. Getting set up, getting the foods ready, playing the generous host, and getting certified, wore us out. The bed seemed like a much better place to spend the evening rather than about 2 hours driving.

On Sunday, Tammy was fixing her hair when she dropped something. When she bent to pick it up, she banged her head on the hutch mantle and went to the floor. She wasn't knocked out. She was just startled and sat down. I asked her if she was ok. I told her I was trained, did I need to resuscitate her? She was really fine. She made a nice bump on her head though.

Last night we got to babysit the two grandkids, Ian and Abby. Tammy was in heaven with a 5 week old baby in the house. C and C went to the movies and out to eat. They loved the time away but missed the kids too. Good parents.

Now, it is back to the grindstone.

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Retro Girl said...

Sounds like the class went great! (Yet another one I've missed due to my Geographical Handicap! boo!)
LOL That figures that "Lawyer" Would get that fortune!! hehehe. I'm sure he loved it hehehe. I would've loved to be there.

Poor Tammy! She needs a vacation!!
Tell her don't feel bad---I bent over to pat and kiss my dog Lucie, and she jumped up as I did yesterday and busted my nose! I thought it was broke, but fortunately just sore and a little bruise. Yikes! We're a pair!