Saturday, January 13, 2007


She wakes in the morning
The Winter of night still lingering
Her fiery hair still tousled
From the storms of darkness breath
Slowly the twinkle of Spring
Embarks upon its maiden dance
As the light begins to shine in her eyes
And ... once more ... life yawns into existence
Eventually the swiftness of Summer
will urge her footfalls
As the day launches into a run
Bright and fast, the summer sun blazes
Late the Fall chill fills the air
Haste calls all the louder
Winter approaches, creeping on silent feet
Calling the slumber king to reign once more
Every day I love her in all of her seasons

There are seasons of the day
That pass by, nearly in a blur
There are seasons of the week
Days of haste rushing into days of rest
There are seasons of the month
And seasons of the year
Each we spend together
I love her in all the seasons of her life

All her life and mine
Our seasons come and go and intertwine
Her Winters some days falling
As my Summer days are calling
My Summer sun finding a way
To keep her Winters chill at bay
Her Summer during my Fall
And times when Spring calls to all
Every day, I love her in all of her seasons

Eventually, our seasons will end
And others will carry on
As is the way of all living
But, until then,
In the chill, In the haste,
In the warmth, and in the fresh,
Every day, I will love her in all of her seasons.

January 13, 2007

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