Tuesday, January 30, 2007

something I wrote and forgot to post


Have you ever considered the unlikeliness of love ..
It is little wonder we call it 'falling'
With all the minor and major happenings which must coincide
Any one of which could have prevented us from ever meeting
One twist of time and we are complete strangers
Each going our own way, oblivious to what was missed
One hiccup of fate and we pass, moments from love
Never feeling even the wind of cupid's passing arrow
For all the angry messengers of mankind
Cursing the workings of the fates
I can only sit and marvel at her wisdom
For all around us we see it .. the wonder of love
It fills our songs and our poetry
In a never ending effort to put to words the wordless
It is a trend these woefully inadequate words will not stop
It weaves itself as an inexplicable thread throughout our being

We cannot see it in a tangible form
And yet we see it in the actions of the smallest caring
We cannot hear it, as it does not possess a mouth
And still, we listen for it on every wind
We cannot hold it in the grasp of our fingers
Nevertheless, we house it in our hearts
And allow it to spill forth
We cannot run it across the taste buds on our tongue
However, the taste of love is sweet
And even without odor
It assails the nostrils and fills the head

I never knew the unreal
Could become so real
Until there was you
You are what love has tried to tell me my entire life
You are the words my heart has whispered
Even before I knew how to listen
You are my ‘falling’

January 18, 2007

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Retro Girl said...

I love the ending...

The whole piece is beautiful, but the ending is so tender, sweet, and sublime! :-)