Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday morning and a new size !!

This morning, I stepped up to the closet to get my work clothes (Khaki pants and a burgundy collared shirt.) Because of the busy weekend and TJ's recovering from surgery, recently washed clothing did not get into the closet yesterday (my fault.) However, I have several shirts to wear and therefore there were plenty to choose from.

Pants were a different story. There are 5 pairs of pants provided by work hanging in the closet. The problem, however, is that they are the ones we ordered in January. They are waist size 48. I have most recently been wearing 42 waist pants.

Fortunately, kahaki's are abundant is various sizes at local thrift stores. Unfortunantly, I didn't have any of those in the closet in the 42 waist variety. There were a pair there in the 40 waist size. I thought, "What the heck, try them on."

I did.

They fit. They fit well.

They were even a little loose in the waist (the way I like them.) I didn't have to struggle to button them.

High five to me!!

That is a great way to start a work week - fitting into a new (smaller) size.


Patrice said...

No friend, that deserves two high fives!!!! Way to go!

TammyJ said...

The laundry was not your fault I have been lazy.. but my laziness paid off you found that the new size fits!! Maybe I should be lazy more often... love you baby.. and so proud of you..