Thursday, June 28, 2007

Move over, Nelson

There's a new symbol in town.

Move over, Nelson Mandela. After 2 excruciating days of holding all the horrors of her lengthy incarceration inside, Paris Hilton has decided to "break her silence" about her experience.

Yes, Nelson, I know you were imprisoned for 27 years, in which time you saw you wife only three times. I know you were on the run for 17 months in hiding. I know you were captured because the CIA reportedly tipped off ruling government to your whereabouts and disguise. Yes, you were imprisoned on an island prison for eighteen years at hard labor where black prisoners received less rations. Yes, you had a hard time of it, but now PARIS is here.
She had to tell the world of the terror of being strip searched. The horrific 23 days in her tiny cell as compared to her $3million mansion. Amazingly, in her 23 days, she accessed her entire life of luxury and excess and has come to terms with herself.


When will we, as a society, stop empowering these spoiled brats by splashing their every exploit across national TV. I could care less if Paris or Brittney go to a club and show their panties. How many times do we need to see them accidentally showing more than they should before we tire of it? How many new and exciting ways will they find to make sure their pictures are splashed across the tabloids and entertainment magazines?

Color me: Sick of Paris and her ilk.

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